What are the measures to prevent internal leakage of the fuel injection pump? 2021-05-14
The measures to prevent internal leakage of diesel generator fuel injection pump include: ensuring the cleanliness of diesel fuel, strengthening the maintenance of the fuel system, correctly assembling the fuel injection pump, regularly checking the fuel supply of each cylinder, and regularly checking the sealing condition of the fuel delivery valve.
What are the superiority changes after the diesel generator is pressurized? 2021-05-13
We can improve the performance of the unit using supercharging. Because after the fire-fighting diesel generator is pressurized, the mechanical load and thermal load are correspondingly increased, and the parts must be strengthened accordingly.
How to diagnose the leakage fault in the fuel injection pump of the diesel generator? 2021-05-12
Internal leakage of diesel generator fuel injection pump is generally difficult to detect with the naked eye. If the diesel engine is difficult to start, the power drops, there is incomplete air in the oil circuit, and sometimes the flame is automatically turned off, and the oil level in the fuel injection pump casing or the oil pan rises abnormally, it can be diagnosed as internal leakage of the fuel injection pump.
What factors can cause diesel generator sets to fail to operate? 2021-05-12
The prerequisite for the normal operation of the diesel generator set​ is that the well-atomized diesel can be burned accurately and timely, and the compressed air in the combustion chamber can ignite and explode after reaching a certain temperature.
The best regular maintenance of diesel generators, three-level maintenance 2021-05-10
When the diesel generator runs for 1500~2000 hours, the engine assembly should be inspected and adjusted (refer to the first and second maintenance of the diesel generator) to eliminate hidden troubles.
Analysis and solution of abnormal noise of diesel generator set. 2021-05-10
It is permissible for the diesel generator set to emit various moderate noises during operation, but when the diesel generator set has abnormal conditions during operation, it will usually make abnormal noises.
What are the design requirements for the smoke exhaust system of Cummins diesel generator sets? 2021-05-07
The main purpose of the smoke exhaust system of the generator set is to discharge the generated heat and exhaust gas to a place that will not cause danger and harm, and at the same time, it can effectively reduce the noise generated by the engine set.

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