Huaquan 700kw 6 Cylinder Water Cooled 50hz 60hz Continuous Diesel Generator

Huaquan 700kw diesel generator set​, this choice is Weichai Boduan 12M26D series engine.

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product name:Huaquan 700kw 6 Cylinder Water Cooled 50hz 60hz Continuous Diesel Generator

  • Item No.:3-HQ700GF-WC(12M26D748E200)XN(XN6B)-A

        1)、Engine oil、diesel、water jacket、Anti-condensation heater 
       2)、Battery floating charger
       3)、Self-protection unit/self-starting control panel
       4)、Tree-remote control panel
       5)、ATS AUTO-loaded transferring screen
       6)、Daily fuel tank、Integral fuel tank
       7)、Waterproof type(Cabinet)
       8)、Mobile trailer(Drip proof)
       9)、Mobile trailer(Silent type)
 1、Huaquan 700kw diesel generator set, this choice is Weichai Boduan 12M26D series engine. 
2、The air intake method of this generator set is turbocharged, which uses electronically controlled speed regulation,The displacement is 31.8L.
3、According to your actual needs, you can choose to match all brands of pure copper brushless alternator.
4、Adopt four protection control system, multi-function LCD screen, avoid the reading error of scale instrument panel, digital display is more accurate, and has multiple warning protection functions (overcurrent, overload, low oil pressure, high water level protection).
5、Adopt Zhongzhi control module, LCD screen display, there are manual and automatic starting methods, efficient and convenient

    Generator set modelHQ700GF 
   Generator power700KW/875KVA
   Power factorCOSΦ = 0.8 (lagging)
   Output voltage400V/230V/220V/120V/110V
   Generator set current1260A
   Rated frequency50HZ
   Rated speed1500RPM
   Fuel grade(standard) 0 # light diesel (normal temperature)
   Diesel generator size5050*1840*1920(L*W*H mm)
   Diesel generator weight8000kg
   Diesel generator fuel consumption (100% load)210g/kW·h
   Diesel generator volume(LP7m)95dB(A)
   Insulation classH class
   Protection levelIP22
   Wiring modeThree-phase four-wire, Y-connection
   Adjustment methodAVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)
 Diesel engine brandWeichai Boduan diesel engineCooling methodClosed water-colling 
Diesel engines model12M26D748E200Oil supply method:Direct injection
Engine cylinder number6/LTypeSpeed regulation methodMechanical
Bore stroke:150*150 mmIntake method:Natural inhalation
Compression ratio:15 : 1Overload capacity110%
Start method:DC 24V Electric startDiesel engines Speed1500RPM

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